A Whistleblower’s Profile In Courage

Obamacare threatens to maim and kill innocent people in the name of furthering the bottom line for the insurance companies. Obamacare contains the heinous specter of death panels. We are all at risk and certainly Obamacare represents yet another form of wealth distribution. However, the people should know that help is on the way.

Dr Linda PeenoDr. Linda Peeno contacted me two weeks ago and informed me that she is reinserting herself into her advocacy work on behalf of all patients who are trapped in a corrupt medical system.

If you don’t know who Linda Peeno is, the following profile should inspire all to become a force for positive change. If you remember Dr. Peeno, you will find the following information to be a welcome update on one of America’s most courageous whistleblowers.

Of all the interviews that I have conducted over the years, there is one interview which still troubles me to this day. Almost five years ago, I interviewed managed health care whistleblower, Dr. Linda Peeno, her revelations have haunted me in the years following the interview. I am haunted because Dr. Peeno gave so much to the people of America and lost nearly everything in return.

What started out as an interview with the objective consisting of presenting the listening audience with an expose on the inherent evils of health care, the interview turned into what John F. Kennedy would refer to as a shining example of a “profile in courage.” Yet, it is a profile in courage that has neither been championed or rewarded. Rather, Peeno’s statements and actions have been met with denial, derision, disdain and a highly effective and destructive retaliation.

Certainly, Linda Peeno’s trip down whistleblower lane appeared promising when the her Congressional testimony was prominently portrayed in Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, as Peeno told Congress the following:

“I wish to begin by making a public confession: In the spring of 1987, as a physician, I caused the death of a man. Although this was known to many people, I have not been taken before any court of law or called to account for this in any professional or public forum. In fact, just the opposite occurred: I was “rewarded” for this. It bought me an improved reputation in my job, and contributed to my advancement afterwards. Not only did I demonstrate I could indeed do what was expected of me, I exemplified the “good” company doctor: I saved a half million dollars. I contend that “managed care,” as we currently know it, is inherently unethical in its organization and operation. Furthermore, I maintain that we have an industry which can exist only through flagrant ethical violations against individuals and the public.”

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A Whistleblower’s Profile In Courage

Wrongly Denied Coverage

A Breach of Trust WWII Veteran WifeWWII Veteran known for his integrity and love of family, he worked hard his
entire life to give them the best upbringing and memories he possibly
could.  He taught his young ones to always be honest and to keep their
word without hesitation.  To him, that was ultimately important and his
example served well.

Little did he know, as he raised his children in honor and honesty, that
one day he would be the victim of a breach of trust by one, who should
have been his champion, during a devastating medical crisisHe trusted
and he was betrayed.  Never again shall his life be as once promised.
Deceit won the battle that day, but the truth was not conquered.  Truth
fights on and strives to win the war against those who deny care for
profit and because they can.

Truth and knowledge will bring the deceit and trickery into the light
and hopefully prevent others from being denied proper care at critical
moments.  People deserve better than that.  People should be able to
trust the caregivers and providers.  People deserve the chance to
recover and live on in dignity and with purpose to whatever degree is
theirs to behold.  People should and it is time eyes are opened and the
truth be seen by a population unaware.  It’s time people rather than
profits trump and honesty prevail.

A Breach of Trust is never acceptable and it shan’t be silently tolerated!

Be intolerant — add your voice in objection to deceit and trickery that
wrongfully denies coverage!